Orders Services

  • Order editor
Ability to insert an order directly through the internet through a simple editor;
  • Order status
Ability to monitor the progress of an order;
  • Send order
Possibility of sending an order through a file generated by your computer systems;

Print Documents

  • CE Print
Ability to print statements of Conformity of our products through a simple wizard, or call your order number, DDT or invoice;
  • Technical sheet
Ability to print the data sheets of our products;

Technical Services

  • U-value calculation
Calculating the U value(K thermal);
  • Shape calculation
Calculating the length of a special shape;
  • Acustic
  • Pilkington acustic
  • Saint-Gobain acustic
  • Product Finder

Infos and FAQs

  • UNI Certification
Useful informations about UNI Certifications;
  • CE Markup
Useful information about CE Certification;
  • Normative UNI
UNI and their references;
  • Technical glossary
Definitions of common terms used in our industry;
  • FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions;
  • Glass Soundproofing Power
  • Lighting Trasmission
  • Solar Factor
  • Thermical Trasmission of the glass


  • Downloads
This area allows you to print and download documents related to our certifications, ISO, technical and private documents. Certification of our suppliers and their products.


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